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This list contains the discography of the American rock band Aerosmith, which has released 15 studio albums, 6 live albums, 16 compilation albums and a plethora of singles.

Aerosmith is estimated to have sold well over 150 million albums around the world, making them the biggest selling hard rock band in United States history.


Studio albums

TitleDate (Label)US Charts
AerosmithJanuary 5, 1973 (Columbia)21
Get Your WingsMarch 15, 1974 (Columbia)74
Toys in the AtticApril 8, 1975 (Columbia)11
RocksMay 14, 1976 (Columbia)3
Draw the LineDecember 9, 1977 (Columbia)11
Night in the RutsNovember 16, 1979 (Columbia)14
Rock in a Hard PlaceAugust 27, 1982 (Columbia)32
Done with MirrorsNovember 4, 1985 (Geffen)36
Permanent VacationAugust 25, 1987 (Columbia)11
PumpSeptember 12, 1989 (Geffen)5
Get a GripApril 20, 1993 (Geffen)1
Nine LivesMarch 18, 1997 (Columbia)1
Just Push PlayMarch 6, 2001 (Columbia)2
Honkin' on BoboMarch 30, 2004 (Columbia)5
Music from Another Dimension!November 6, 2012 (Columbia)5

Live albums

TitleDate (Label)US Charts
Live! BootlegOctober 27, 1978 (Columbia)13
Classics Live!April 7, 1986 (Columbia)84
Classics Live! IIJune 29, 1987 (Columbia)
A Little South of SanityOctober 20, 1998 (Geffen)12
Rockin' the JointOctober 25, 2005 (Columbia)24
Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014September 4, 2015 (Universal Music Group)

Compilation albums

TitleDate (Label)US Charts
Greatest HitsNovember 11, 1980 (Columbia)43
AnthologyJune 1988 (Raw Power)
GemsNovember 15, 1988 (Columbia)133
Pandora's BoxNovember 19, 1991 (Columbia)45
Pandora's ToysJune 8, 1994 (Columbia)
Big OnesNovember 1, 1994 (Geffen)6
Box of FireNovember 22, 1994 (Columbia)
Aerosmith: 3 Pak - Aerosmith/Get Your Wings/Toys in the AtticJune 30, 1998 (Columbia)
Classic Aerosmith: The Universal Masters CollectionNovember 2, 2000 (Geffen)
Young Lust: The Aerosmith AnthologyNovember 20, 2001 (Geffen)191
O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith HitsJuly 2, 2002 (Columbia/Geffen)4
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection – The Best of AerosmithOctober 7, 2003 (Geffen)
Aerosmith: The Collection - Aerosmith/Get Your Wings/Toys in the AtticMay 4, 2004 (Columbia/Legacy)
Devil's Got a New Disguise: The Very Best of AerosmithOctober 17, 2006 ( Columbia/Geffen)33
Tough Love: Best of the BalladsMay 10, 2011 (Geffen)109
The Essential AerosmithSeptember 13, 2011 (Columbia)


Aerosmith has released 72 singles. Some of their singles have been officially released to the public, while others have been released as album cuts only to radio. 21 of their songs have reached the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. An additional 28 of the band's songs have reached the Top 40 on various charts worldwide.

However, in this overview we listed onyl the singles which reached Top 10 (Top 20) positions on the US Billboard charts.

TitleYear (Album)US Charts
Dream On (re-issue from 1973)1975 (Aerosmith)6
Walk This Way (re-issue from 1975)1976 (Toys in the Attic)10
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)1987 (Permanent Vacation)14
Angel1988 (Permanent Vacation)3
Rag Doll1988 (Permanent Vacation)17
Love in an Elevator1989 (Pump)5
Janie's Got a Gun1989 (Pump)4
What It Takes1990 (Pump)9
Livin' on the Edge1993 (Get a Grip)18
Cryin'1993 (Get a Grip)12
Crazy1994 (Get a Grip)17
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing1998 (Armageddon soundtrack)1
Jaded2001 (Just Push Play)7

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