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Name: Adrian Perry
Son of: Joe Perry (Aerosmith)
Age: 16
"I didn't really listen to Aerosmith," says Adrian Perry, whose face is tattooed with the same sort of detached cool displayed by his dad.

"Not that I don't like them," adds Perry, a 16-year-old junior at L.A.'s prestigious Harvard-Westlake prep school who grew up on the Beatles and the Stone Temple Pilots. More recently, the guitarist/vocalist's tastes have run toward the Verve and Radiohead.

Perry gigged around the Sunset Strip last year with an alt-rock band called the Feds, recording a demo with producer Mike Blum (Suicidal Tendencies). He has since broken up that band and is recording solo with producer Tommy Thayer (Kiss). Perry, who has lived with mom Alyssa since his parents divorced 11 years ago, is fatalistic about his prospects of getting signed. "I have plans for a straight job if this doesn't work out," he says.

Adrian Perry :: Vocals/Guitar
Adrian Perry Adrian Perry was born in Boston, January 25th 1981. It was during the Superbowl, so his grandfather spent most of the time looking for a television in the hospital. Adrian has always loved music. The first Christmas gift he ever asked for was The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album. He did not take up an instrument until he was fourteen, and he chose bass because he wanted to be like Paul McCartney. He taught himself bass then guitar by playing along to Beatles songs as well as various Jazz tunes his grandfather showed him. His first band (The Feds) was decent enough considering they were in tenth grade. They played their first show at The Troubadour in LA, opening for Warrant ("She's my cherry pie...") The sound was sort of punk/alternative/pop, so needless to say it was pretty wak (gangsta term for mediocre) to any listener who was not one of Adrian's friends. But it was a fun start and the kiddies liked it. His next main band was Dexter, which existed from 11th to 12th grade. This was a good band, well rehearsed, with a sound resembling Adrian's current group, 60/40 Breakdown. The songs had improved vastly, as tends to be the case with Adrian and his policy on improvement. The band set up camp at The Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood where they played often to packed crowds of young folks. It was a lot of fun. Adrian has recorded various demos over the years, both in his home and in semi-professional studios. Most of it's pretty cool, if you like good music and all. (just joking around here) Adrian loves: The Beatles, Bowie, Dylan, Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and all that other good stuff from the days when popular music was good. Beck, Radiohead, and U2 are some of the acts he enjoys that have existed since he was born. He would like to make popular music good again, just like it was in the old days. There is a lot of other stuff about him, but you'll have to wait. Just relax
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