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The Aerosmith Members Recording Appearances Outside Aerosmith

[ Steven Tyler | Joe Perry | Brad Whitford | Tom Hamilton | Joey Kramer ]
[FORMER MEMBERS: | Jimmy Crespo | Rick Dufay | Ray Tabano ]


[Rick Dufay] [Jimmy Crespo] [Raymond Tabano]

Rick Dufay

Rick Dufay - "Tender Loving Abuse"

    01. Love Is the Only Way
    02. Tonight
    03. Don't Talk Back
    04. 10,000 Bands
    05. Up to You
    06. Baby Now I
    07. Straight Jacket
    08. Don't Make Me Up
    09. Fool No More
    10. Tender Loving Abuse
  • This solo album was released on Polydor Records in 1980. The album was produced by Jack Douglas

    Now, as you know Rick Dufay was the guy who replaced Brad Whitford when he left Aerosmith in 1981 to go solo.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Blue By Nature - "The Blues Is In My Way"

  • This album was released on Hostel Records in 1995 and was produced by Rick Dufay & Fred Hostetler. This album features the same songs as later released on "Blue To The Bone" (look below for more), but was recorded in a bus in Malibu, CA. Features Karen Lawrence as the primary focal point of the band. Rick Dufay plays on this album.

    This and all their other albums can be ordered trough Blue By Nature's official website:

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Blue By Nature - "Blue To The Bone"

    01. Cadillac Blues
    02. Hard Lesson
    03. No Matter What I Do
    04. Blues Is In My Way
    05. It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World
    06. So Many Roads, So Many Trains
    07. Good-Bye Mr. Jones
    08. Love Hurts
    09. Love Me All Night
    10. Willie Boy's Shuffle
    11. One Of These Days
    12. Tell Me
    13. Grinnin' In Your Face
    14. Blue By Nature
  • This album was released in 1995 on Hostel Records (USA) and Shattered Records (UK) and was produced by Jack Douglas, Rick Dufay & Fred Hostetler.

    Rick Dufay was a member of this band and plays Guitar on the album.

    The singer of Blue By Nature is Karen Lawrence, who sang vocals with Steven Tyler on "Get It Up" off of the "Draw the line" Album.

    This and all their other albums can be ordered trough Blue By Nature's official website:

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Blue By Nature - "Live At The Lake"

    Disc 1
    01. 'A' Jam
    02. My Misfortune
    03. I'll Get Along Alright
    04. Been So Long
    05. Fun And Games
    06. Another Day, Another Mile
    07. I Had It All Wrong

    Disc 2
    01. I Got A Worry
    02. You Got Me Workin'
    03. Steal Away
    04. You Got A Way
    05. Whatcha Want
    06. Right The Wrong

    Length: 89:58 minutes

  • This 2CD live album, produced by Jack Douglas, was released on Hostel Records on June 23rd, 1998. Rick Dufay plays guitar on this album and has a credit for co-writing track #2 on the second CD, "You Got Me Workin'" with Karen Lawrence.
    Dufay quit the band later in 1998.

    Karen Lawrence: Percussion, Vocals
    Rick Dufay: Guitar, Vocals, BG Vocals
    Charlie Diaz: Bass Guitar
    Fred Hostetler: Rhythm Guitar, BG Vocals
    Dan Potruch: Drums

    This and all their other albums can be ordered trough Blue By Nature's official website:

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Jimmy Crespo

Flame- "Flame"

    01. Too Many Cooks
    02. Don't You Go
    03. Shadow in the Night
    04. Midnight Sun
    05. Watch Me Run
    06. This Old Heart of Mine
    07. Walk Away
    08. It's All Over

  • This album was released on RCA Records in 1976 and includes Jimmy Crespo on Guitar, Slide Guitar and Background Vocals. He also wrote three songs: "Don't You Go", "Shadow In The Night", & "Midnight Sun".

    As you know, Jimmy Crespo replaced Joe Perry when he left Aerosmith in 1979 to go solo.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Flame - "Queen Of The Neighborhood"

    Beg Me
    Long Time Gone
    Queen Of the Neighborhood
    Angry Times
    Everybody Loves a Winner
    You Sit In Darkness
    Laugh My Tears Away
    All My Love To You
    Grown-Up Man

  • This album was released RCA Records in 1977 and includes Jimmy Crespo on guitar

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Ian Lloyd - "Goose Bumps"

  • This album was released on Scottie Bros. Records in 1979 and includes Jimmy Crespo playing guitar. This album also includes Jim Vallance on drums and keyboards.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Robert Fleischman- "Perfect Stranger"

  • This album was released on Artista Records in 1979 and includes Jimmy Crespo playing guitar.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Renegade - "Renegade"

  • Renegade was a band whose members were Tom Hamilton on bass, Joey Kramer on drums, Jimmy Crespo on lead guitar, Bobby Mayo on rhythm guitar, and Marge Raymond (Who had been the lead singer of Jimmy Crespo's former band "The Flame") on vocals.

    The band was put together in 1981 by Joey Kramer. Joey said the reason he put the band together is because Aerosmith was ready to self-destruct. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford had already left the band, and Steven Tyler was side-lined for the year on account of a motercycle accident.

    Renegade recorded a seven track album in "SIR Studios" in New York City. At one point "Renegade" had a record deal, but Tom and Joey had to finish the Aerosmith album "Rock In A Hard Place" first, so the whole project got put on the back burner and nothing ever happened.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Adam Bomb - "Fatal Attraction"

    01. SST
    02. All the Young Dudes
    03. I Want My Heavy Metal
    04. You'll Never Know
    05. Fatal Attraction
    06. Shape of the World
    07. Take Me In
    08. Russian Roulette
    09. It's a Bust
    10. Prime Evil

    Edge Of A Dream
    All's Fair In Rock n Roll

    Shape Of The World
    I Want My Heavy Metal

  • This album was released on Geffen Records in mid-1985. Jimmy Crespo was a member of the band and plays guitar on the album.

    Fatal Attraction was re-released July 31st 2001 on Metal Mayhem Records in conjunction with GetAnimal inc. The album had never been released on CD until this, and this Special Edition Re-Release contains two unreleased bonus tracks, two CD ROM videos and a 12 page color booklet featuring never before seen photos of the band. Fatal Attraction is available online at

    Important to Adam Bomb's career was David Krebs, who as you may know had previously guided the career of Aerosmith. In '84 Adam went to a Michael Schenker concert in San Francisco and got them to play his video before Schenker went on. Schenker’s manager, David Krebs, saw the video and was impressed with Adam Bomb. He contacted Adam and signed him to a 15 year management deal with Leber Krebs. Krebs flew him to New York and put Adam together with some veterans, including Jimmy Crespo on guitar. The band also included former Riot/Ace Frehley drummer Sandy Slavin & former Riot/Billy Idol bassist Phil Feit. The four of them started rehearsing in SIR in New York City.

    After years of studio work and a disappointing attempt with his first band, Flame, Crespo had spent four years replacing original Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry when he went out on his own. When Perry decided to rejoin Aerosmith, Crespo found himself looking for a new band. At around the same time, Feit left Billy Idol. He was also looking for a true band situation, so he eventually formed a band with Jimmy. As fate would have it, Feit and Crespo were looking for another guitarist/front man at the same time that Adam was looking for a band. Phil then recruited his old pal Slavin to play drums. Once they played together, as Feit recalls, “...we were four separate personalities that were really strong...but still a band. ..we knew right away it would work.”
    Although not a member, the album also features bassist/background vocalist Cliff Williams of AC/DC on the single I Want My Heavy Metal.

    The band played it's first gig at the Ritz in NYC . Later the band showcased for record labels. A bidding war went on between Polygram and Geffen. Krebs decided to take the label that offered the most money. Geffen Records signed Adam Bomb to a 6 record deal for over a million dollars. Then David Krebs split with his partner Steve Leber and moved himself and the band to Los Angeles.

    In 1986, after playing several shows in New York clubs, Jimmy returned to Los Angeles to live with his new girlfriend. The band recorded more albums after this, but without any involvement with Jimmy Crespo.

      Various other Aerosmith/Adam Bomb related history

      1985: Krebs hires former Aerosmith road manager Bob "Kelly" Kelleher to oversee the band. Kelly was fired from Aerosmith years ago during the Krebs years for stealing and heavy drug abuse. Krebs decided to give another chance with Adam Bomb.

      Fatal Attraction got released in America, just as Geffen records announced they had signed Aerosmith. There was a lawsuit between Leber Krebs and Aerosmith going on at the time. Aerosmith manager Tim Collins was in direct negotiation with Geffen Records President Ed Rosenblatt. Tim Collins and Aerosmith publicly resented David Krebs. They never settled until years later, although Aerosmith has never been fond of David Krebs since.

      David Krebs told Adam that Geffen will not give him the 50,000.00 in video money that was guaranteed in the contract. Although he was friends with David Geffen since they both worked together in the mailroom at The William Morris Agency, Krebs stated that he was going to leave Geffen Records because of breach of contract, David Krebs moved his family from his rented beach house in Malibu back to New York City. Adam and bassist Phil Feit went back to New York as well. Guitarist Jimmy Crespo & drummer Sandy Slavin stayed in Los Angeles and both moved in with girls they had met in Hollywood while the band lived at the Beverly Sunset Hotel. Both Jimmy and Sandy eventually married these girls and started families. Adam started writing songs for a new record while his manager set up shop in ex-partner Steve Leber's office in New York City. Aerosmith released Done With Mirrors on Geffen while Krebs made a deal to release Adam Bomb from obligation to Geffen Records for one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. Krebs said he would use this money to record a new album for a new record label.

      1986: Krebs decided to concentrate on releasing an Aerosmith live album called Classics Live and had one of his employees, Paul O'Neil, hire a studio and an engineer to fix the tapes. Paul O'Neil was managing another band at time called Heaven. Jimmy Crespo was flown in to overdub guitar tracks and Paul O'Neil added rhythm guitar and also added keyboards played by Mitch Perry, a member of Heaven. It was rumored that Adam played on it but that wasn't true. David Krebs had Paul O'Neil take Adam, Jimmy Crespo, Phil Feit and drummer Gregg Gerson into a studio to cut one song. Bomb didn't agree with Paul O'Neil's "do it in one take and I'll give you 5 dollars" production technique. The song & tapes were scrapped and Krebs continued to focus on repackaging Aerosmith material, having Paul O'Neil produce a second live Aerosmith album. Steven Tyler confronted Adam years later and accusing him of playing on the bogus Aerosmith albums. Although Adam denied playing on it saying he couldn't play that crappy, Tyler seemed to have his doubts.

      1989: Jack Douglas, the former Aerosmith producer, was constantly at David Krebs office hitting up Krebs for Aerosmith royalty advances. Jack liked Adam's new demos and convinced Krebs to put together a budget to record three songs at a New York recording studio being that was in the process of being rebuilt.

      1990: Pre-production started with Jack Douglas at 321 Studios located at 321 West 44th street, the former address of the Record Plant, where Jack had recorded Aerosmith. The studio was now owned two shady characters. At the time Jack Douglas was heavily addicted to drugs. Jack believed that Yoko Ono hired a witch to put a curse on him. There were a lot of things going on that didn't seem quite right with the owners of the studio. Adam and Jack Douglas camped out in the studio while the control room was gutted and rebuilt. Along with drummer Bobby Chouinard and guitarist Steve Stevens, they rearranged the demos and threw parties in the studio. It took about a month until the studio control room was finished.

      Somehow by February, the studio owners managed to get multi-million dollar state-of-the-art equipment that was brought in from Sony and other high tech companies. Everything was wired up and running. They were able to do this using Jack Douglas and David Krebs names as clients and saying Jack was going to record Aerosmith at the studio. This was Krebs had contracted Jack do a remix on the Texas Jam video soundtrack. It was another repackaging of old material put out by Krebs' without Aerosmith's involvement. This was to be done after the bugs got worked out in the just-rewired studio with the Adam Bomb album.

      Jack Douglas worked out a deal to do the recording of 3 songs for tape cost. When the cost of tape became ten thousand dollars Krebs became suspicious. Somehow he managed to lump everything in with the Aerosmith deal which kept the studio owners of Jack's back so Adam could continue recording. 3 songs turned into 12. 12 songs were completed on a 72 track digital master tape, but they were yet to be mixed. Adam decided to call the album New York Times. Adam finished his tracks and left for Europe. The album was ready to mixed by Jack Douglas and his engineer Jay Messina and was slated to finished by the time Bomb returned from Europe.

      Adam went to London, Munich and Paris in March for a 3 week press tour. When he returned to New York, Jack Douglas had only mixed three songs before starting the Aerosmith project. The 321 studios had went bankrupt and all the studio equipment had been repossessed by their creditors. The building rent was never paid. The studio turned out to be a front for some investment scam. The master tapes were also missing and one of the studio owners had been thrown in jail.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi & The Band Of Freaks - "Wide Open"

  • This album was released on Quantum Records in 199? and features Jimmy Crespo


Adam Bomb - "Pure S.E.X."

  • This album was released on Combat Records in 1990 and features Jimmy Crespo


Webb Wilder - "Doo Dad"

  • This album was released on Zoo/Volcano Records in 1991 and includes Jimmy Crespo on guitar.

    Webb Wilder's Official Website has stated that as of September of 1997, "Doo Dad is out of print, But we have seen copies of this album in the stores so just keep looking." His Official Web Site also stated that "A Re-Release May Happen."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Bronx Style Bob - "Grandma's Ghost"

  • This album was released on Sire Records in 1992 and includes Jimmy Crespo on guitar.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Adam Bomb - "Graveworld"

  • This album was released on Rockworld Records in 1993 and features Jimmy Crespo


Scott St. Clair - "St. Clair"

  • This album was released on MTM Music Records in 1996 and features Jimmy Crespo


Mary Dolan - "(Another) Holy Day"

  • This album was released on Earth Music/Cargo Records in 1998 and features Jimmy Crespo

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Lisa Sanders - "Life Takes You Flying"

  • Lisa Sanders' new album "Life Takes You Flying" featuring Jimmy's legendary guitar work was released on Tuesday October 26th, 1999..

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Ava Electris - ? (1987?)

  • Ava Electris hired Jimmy Crespo to play on a song called "Joey Guitar," which I think was a tribute to Joe Perry. It's probably available in the Boston area. The person who informed me about this thought the record company was Varuvian, but couldn't say for sure. He also thought Hirsh Gardner or Bobby Rondinelli played drums. I did a song search at for "Joey Guitar" and got one hit, a compilation album called "Boston Rock 'N Roll Anthology, Vol. 9" It had "Joey Guitar performed by Ava Electris" in the track list and "Jimmy respo - Guitar" in the credits listed.


The following albums are also supposed to include Jimmy Crespo but I have no information about them...
If you know anything e-mail me, okay?

Stevie Nicks - (uncredited), Bella Donna

Nalini Kanta dasa - Mahabharata Rock Opera (???)

Bernie Taupin - unknown

Julian Lennon - unknown

Billy Squier - "Hear And Now"

  • This album was released on Capitol Records in 1989 and has been reported to feature Jimmy Crespo, but his name is nowhere to be found in the credits.

Raymond Tabano

Crazy Raymond & The Watchdogs - "You Got Something"

  • This single was released in 1993 through the band's website.

    Now, the singer of the Watchdogs is Raymond Tabano who was the original rhythm guitarist for Aerosmith and was in the band for about the first two years.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Crazy Raymond & The Watchdogs - "Like A Watchdog"

  • This single was released in 1994

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Crazy Raymond & The Watchdogs - "Have A Good Time"

  • This single was released in 1995

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Crazy Raymond & The Watchdogs - "Down"

  • This single was released in 1996.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Crazy Raymond & The Watchdogs - "4 Song Sampler"

  • This single was released in 1997 and includes all four singles that the band has released.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available
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