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The Aerosmith Members Recording Appearances Outside Aerosmith

[ Steven Tyler | Joe Perry | Brad Whitford | Tom Hamilton | Joey Kramer ]
[FORMER MEMBERS: | Jimmy Crespo | Rick Dufay | Ray Tabano ]


Chain Reaction - "The Sun"/"When I Needed You"

  • The Chain Reaction was Steven Tyler's first recording band, and the band's first 45 (single) was "The Sun"/"When I Needed You." It was released on "Date Records" {part of CBS [now Sony] Records} in 1966, and produced by Richie Gotteher.

    "The Sun" was recorded at CBS studios, starting on August 25th, 1966. The recording of "The Sun" took three weeks because Steven wanted it to be perfect. "When I Needed You" was recorded in about fifteen minutes on September 9th, 1966.

    Now, "When I Needed You" was later released on disc one of the three disc Aerosmith boxed set "Pandora's Box" which was released in November of 1991.

    All songs the Chain Reaction released are available for download in real audio format here at Rock This Way, look in the Miscellaneous section

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Chain Reaction - "You Should Have Been Here Yesterday"/"Ever Lovin' Man"

  • The Chain Reaction's second and final 45 (single) was "You Should Have Been Here Yesterday"/"Ever Lovin' Man." It was released on "Verve Records" {Part of CBS [now Sony) Records} in 1966 and, like the first single, it was also produced by Richie Gotteher. Both songs were recorded at CBS Studios on September 29th, 1966.

    All songs the Chain Reaction released are available for download in real audio format here at Rock This Way, look in the Miscellaneous section

    Some other info on Chain Reaction:
    According to Barry Shapiro, one of the band members... the Chain Reaction started to record an album before they broke up, and they had 6 (demo) songs in the can. The former band members have copies, but they won't release them...
    Also, according to Shapiro, "You See Me Crying" and "Woman Of The World" were NOT played by Chain Reaction. Tyler and Don Solomon did write them together back then, but the band never played or rehearsed them.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

The Left Banke - "The Left Banke Too"

  • This album was released on Smash Records in November of 1968. Steven Tyler sang backgound vocals on "Nice To See You" and "My Friend Today." Steven also sang backup vocals and played tambourine on the song "Dark Is The Bark".

    Steven also played a couple shows with the band, but left the band because in Steven's words: "They basically flushed themselves down the toilet and I had to find something else to do."

    Tyler was also quoted as saying the following about The Left Banke, in an article in Musician Magazine in 1990; "I'll never forget being in their apartment one day and one of them saying, "what's the date today? Are we recording tonight? What are we going to record?" It turned out that they were: "Don't worry, we'll come up with something". I couldn't believe they were taking it so lightly. I remember thinking, "there's got to be a better way of doing this". But I was just so into those guys, Steve [Martin, not the comedian] and his voice. I sang backup on 'Dark Is The Bark', the followup to 'Pretty Ballerina'"...

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Martin Mull - "Days Of Wine And Neuroses"

  • Martin Mull was best known for television roles on Roseanne and put out a series of comedy albums in the 1970s. This album was released on Capricorn Records (Capricorn 0155, USA LP) in 1975 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song "Do The Dog."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Artful Dodger - "Babes On Broadway"

  • Artful Dodger came from Farifax, Virginia and released four albums of which "Babes.." was their third. This album was released on Columbia Records (Columbia 34846, USA LP) in 1977 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song "Alright."

    Brad Whitford bandmate, Derek St Holmes also guested on the album.

    "Babes On Broadway" is released on CD now, on Artful Dodger Records, the CD is called Jester.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available (?)

Frankie Miller - "Double Trouble"

  • This album was released on Chrysalis Records (CHR 1174, USA LP) in 1978 and includes Steven Tyler on vocals, background vocals, and harmonica.

    Apparently, this is a really good rock album. Frankie has a voice which is similar to Rod Stewart's, with a gravelly style, and even Steven Tyler's. Lot's of Brass, very smooth. As for the songs Tyler is on, it's really hard to tell, but there are some obvious clues when listening to the album.

    The back cover simply credits: "Background singers - Stephen Tyler, Richard Supa... Paul Carrack, Karen Lawrence, Lonnie Groves, Eric Troyer." This album also includes Jack Douglas as producer, arranger and co-writer of one song. During this year, Aerosmith went on to record Supa's "Chip Away The Stone".

    Possible tracks Tyler is on:

    A4. You'll Be In My Mind - background vocals
    B1. Love Waves - harmonica
    B4. Love Is All Around - background vocals
    B5. Goodnight Sweetheart - background vocals

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Run-D.M.C. - "Raising Hell"

  • This album was released on Profile Records in November of 1986 and includes a cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way". The song includes Steven Tyler singing along with Run-D.M.C. {Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, and Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell}. It also features Joe Perry playing guitar on the song.

    The song was a big hit for both bands and went to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, and helped re-launch Aerosmith's career. It also opened the door to many Rock & Rap Collaborations in years to come.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Alice Cooper - "Trash"

  • This album was released on Epic Records on Tuesday, July 25th, 1989 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song "Only My Heart Talkin'". Well, it starts off with just background vocals, but it ends with a duet between Alice and Steven!
    Album also features: Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Mötley Crüe - "Dr. Feelgood"

  • This album was released on Elektra Records on Friday, September 15th, 1989 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song "Sticky Sweet".

    Steven Tyler is also credited as co-arranger of the song "Slice Of Your Pie," with the members of Mötley Crüe, and another credit on the LP reads "Special thanks to Steven Tyler for giving "Slice of Your Pie" a kick in the ass."

    When Aerosmith were recording Pump at the Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver with Bruce Fairbairn, Motley Crue were in the next studio recording this album with producer Bob Rock, who also sings background vocals on some of the songs {and, as you might know Bob Rock co-engineered the Aerosmith album "Permanent Vacation."}

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

The Left Banke - "There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-1969"

  • This album was released on Mercury/Polygram Records on Tuesday, May 5th, 1992. Now, this album includes the entire "The Left Banke Too" album which included Steven Tyler singing backgound vocals on "Nice To See You" and "My Friend Today" aswell as singing backup vocals and playing tambourine on the song "Dark Is The Bark".

    The linear notes states, "this album saw the debut of a young singer named Steven Tyler, later of Aerosmith, who sings backing [vocals] on "Nice To See You", "My Friend Today", and "Dark Is The Bark."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Various Artists - "Kerouac- Kicks Joy Darkness"

  • This album was released on Rykodisc Records on Tuesday, April 8th, 1997 and includes the song "Dream: Us Kids Swim Off A Grey Pier..." This album is just performers reciting Jack Kerouac's poems over music. On Steven's track he talks over himself singing a scat-type song in the background. Here's the narrative:

    Us kids swim of a gray pier, dive off, I go down the street after emptying my pockets of old roaches and think "I better go through all my stuff" - I live in the Fortier cellar in a dismal damp room furnished like a vampire's castle -- people visit me -- I go to Jerry Richman's and Bill Wolfe's business store and they're having an argument about something they're fixing or trying to sell -- We cut and measure it out, some nameless huge taffy, we taste it -- Then there's a marvelous rack of delicate chocolates and flavors from all over the world and ground cinnamon nuts and coffee fruits and they mix em all up in a big batter and bake and Coffee Cake emerges which is the most delicous thing in the world -- "That's yesterday's unfresh cake," I say, "Can I have it?" -- they don't even comment, I'm to understand that they only eat fresh baked Coffee Cake -- Bill says of a nut dropped "I'll eat it, they're asking a lot for it" and he plops it in his mouth, as Jerry does the mixing -- I try a sweet bitter chocolate piece shaped like a little stove, from a box in the rack -- the Cake comes out square, streaked with colours like marble cake, suffused with exotic African and Brazilian flavors, crunchy with Cocoa nuts and Nutmeg nuts and Crushed Chunky Nut -- its terrific -- I hope they'll give me some - they hardly know I am there --

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Marry Me Jane - "Tick"

  • This album was released on 550 Music Records on Tuesday, August 26th, 1997 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song "I'm That Bad". He also supplied "assorted cocktail party chit-chat" during the song's guitar solo. Steven recorded his part of this album at The Baby Monster Studios in New York City.

    Marry Me Jane also toured with Aerosmith for a little bit on their "Nine Lives North American Tour '97. (Sept/ Oct 1997)

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Various Artists - "Elmopalooza"

  • This album was released on Sony Wonder Records on Tuesday, March 3rd, 1998 and includes the Steven Tyler song "I Love Trash."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Richie Sambora - "Undiscovered Soul"

  • This album was released on Mercury Records on Tuesday, March 3rd, 1998 and includes Steven Tyler playing harmonica on the song "If God Was A Woman."

    This was the Bon Jovi lead guitarists's 2nd solo album after a break of 7 years since "Stranger in this Town".

    Richie Supa co-wrote 9 of the 12 tracks with Sambora, and one track is co-written between Sambora and Frederiksen (the latter, a co-writer on Nine Lives and Just Push Play)

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Ringo Starr - "Verticle Man"

  • This album was released on Mercury Records on Tuesday, June 16th, 1998 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on "Mindfield" & "La De Da", playing harmonica and singing background vocals on "Love Me Do" and "I Was Walkin'", and playing drums on "Drift Away."

    Originally Steven was going to sing lead vocals on "Drift Away" along with Ringo and Alanis Morissette in a "3 generations of rock" song. However, Sony records stopped that because they thought it would be a big hit and it would take "the heat" away from the upcoming Aerosmith single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing." His lead vocals were replaced by Tom Petty's.

    Aerosmith producer/co-writer, Mark Hudson produced this album.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Various Artists - "Armageddon Soundtrack"

  • This album which was released on Columbia Records on June 23rd, 1998 was as you know a soundtrack for the movie with the same name which featured Steven Tyler's daughter Liv Tyler. The album included four Aerosmith songs: "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", "What Kind Of Love Are You On?", "Sweet Emotion" and "Come Together."

    This album also included a track which can be seen as a Steven Tyler solo track. The song called "Animal Crackers" has the vocals from "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" sung by Steven Tyler and a conversation with Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck from the movie.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Martin Mull- "Mulling It Over: A Musical Oeuvre-View Of Martin Mull"

  • This comedy compilation album was released on Razor & Tie Records (Razor & Tie 82178, USA CD) on Tuesday, August 25th, 1998 and includes Steven Tyler singing background vocals on the song "Do The Dog."

    Now, "Do The Dog" was originally included on the 1975 Martin Mull album "Days Of Wine And Neuroses."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Various Artists - "Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon"

  • This Bob Marley tribute album was released on the following labels: Universal Records, Island Records, Def Jam Records and Tuff Gong Records on Tuesday, November 16th, 1999. The album, produced by Bob Marley's son Stephen Marley, features contemporary artists duet-ing with the original recordings of Marley's vocals. Stephen Marley re-mixed the new vocals with his father's original ones.

    This album includes the track "Roots, Rock, Reggae" featuring Steven Tyler, singing a duet with & Bob Marley, and Joe Perry on guitar. The track was recorded in Joe Perry's studio [the Boneyard] in Mid-January of 1999.

    "Roots, Rock, Reggae" was originally released on Bob Marley & The Wailers 1976 breakthrough album, "Rastaman Vibration."

    Quotes! Steven Tyler: "When we heard that Stephen (Marley) was doing this album it was like I couldn't have asked, of all the songs on it, which song we would like to mess around with and it was thank you lord! One more gift, one more day of rock!"

    Julian Marley: "The rock and reggae have a relationship which is rebellious. The rebellious side. And, as you can hear in "Roots, Rock, Reggae." That rock guitar surely goes with it. You know what I mean?"

    Joe Perry: "I looked at it more like jamming with them, you know? We had gotten up on stage with them at some point in the seventies. It's probably what it sounded like if the tape was rolling."

    Steven Tyler: "Bob (Marley) will always be here because of his music. He will always be here because of the freedom that his music has given people. And, he will always be in the room, especially when somebody get the rare chance to sing with him on a track and have them bring in, take the tracks out. I close my eyes and he's here."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Various Artists - "Titan A.E. Soundtrack"

  • This soundtrack album, for the animated US movie 'Titan A.E.', was released on Capitol Records on Tuesday, June 6th, 2000 and included the track "Over My Head" by the band Lit, featuring Steven Tyler on backing vocals!

    Steven Tyler met Lit through longtime Aerosmith producer Glen Ballard, who also handled 'Over My Head', when visiting him in a Boston studio.

    Quotes!   Kevin Baldes (Lit bassist): "Ballard showed up at the studio with Steven Tyler - who, to us, is an icon. We've always wanted to meet him. He came down, we ate dinner and chatted about rock'n'roll, drugs and everything else. It was an incredible night. Then he came in and did backing vocals on the song. You can defenitely hear his voice on the track. Especially if you know he's on there. If not, you'd probably think, 'Jeremy's singing really high'!"

    Lit bassist Kevin Baldes said that all that Lit lead singer A. Jay Popoff had to do was ask to make the collaboration happen.

      Kevin Baldes (Lit bassist): "We did a session in Boston and [Ballard] brought in Steven Tyler just to hang out and show him the song, and A. Jay said, 'Hey man, you want to do some backups on the song?' You know, just kinda kidding around, and Steven Tyler was like, 'Dude, I'd love to.' So now Steven Tyler is doing backup on and we're -- I can't even say it's a dream true. I would have never imagined Steven Tyler doing backup on a Lit song, but it happened and it's all good, so we're stoked."

    The members of Lit were undoubtedly in awe of the rock legend; however, at one point during the session, they suddenly felt as if they weren't treating Tyler right. Drummer Allen Shellenberger tells LAUNCH that the band had just ordered some Thai food and Tyler, arriving late, was stuck with a less-desirable meal.

      Allen Shellenberger (Lit drummer): "They were running late so they ordered food on the way and they ordered pizza, and when we sat down at the dinner table I was sitting right next to Steven and, like, I look over and I have this nice, you know, big Thai food dinner and he's got, like a slice of pepperoni pizza, and I'm like, 'Wait this just is not adding up here. And I go, 'Hey Steve, you want some of my Thai food?' and he's like, 'Yeah man, sure,'"

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Lit - "Atomic"

  • This album was released on RCA on October 16th, 2001 and included as the last(bonus?) track of the album is the song "Over My Head", featuring Steven Tyler on vocals (bckgr). The album was produced by Glen Ballard.

    "Over My Head" was first released on the soundtrack for the animated US movie 'Titan A.E.' For more info on this track see the info on that release (above)

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Carole King - "Love Makes the World"

  • This album was released on Rockingale Records on September 25th, 2001 and includes Steven Tyler doing vocals on the song "Monday Without You."

    The song was written by King, Mark Hudson, and Paul Brady. The recording took place in August, 2000 in NYC and, aside from King, the following people were there for the recording of the song; Paul Brady (keyboards, acoustic guitar and back-up vocals), celebrated Nashville songwriter, Gary Burr (acoustic guitar and vocals) and producer and songwriter Mark Hudson (electric guitar and vocals). Apparently, Steven Tyler came into studio the morning after the recording, and gave a cameo performance singing a counter melody to Carole!

    Aerosmith co-writer, Mark Hudson co-wrote three of the songs on the album, and also did some vocals (bckgr) and vocal arrangements.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Pink - "M!ssundaztood"

  • This album was released on Arista Records on November 20th, 2001 and includes the song "Misery" (written by Richie Supa), a song in which Steven Tyler shares the vocals in a duet with Pink! The song in question is a ballad, in the vein of Janis Joplin.

    There are two different versions of this song, on different pressings of the album. When the album first came out "Misery" had Tyler and Pink singing together, but those who waited with buying the album were happy to find that later pressing were slightly different. A longer version of "Misery" had replaced the original, and this has Steven singing some verses by himself! So, yes, the newer version of Pink's M!ssundaztood CD has Steven singing more on "Misery" than when the M!ssundaztood CD was first released!

    A total of three names with a strong Aerosmith connection appear in the credits; Marti Frederiksen (Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Drums, Producer, Engineer, Mellotron, Mixing), Steven Tyler (Vocals (bckgr)) and Richie Supa (Arranger, Producer, String Arrangements). Also appearing on the album is Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi (Guitar) and Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes fame (Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Producer, Engineer, Fender Rhodes, Drum Programming, Instrumentation)

    Apparently, for this, her second album, teen-pop sensation Pink had decided to make a more diverse album, the album is supposed to reveal more of Pink's rock background, with former 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry lending a writing or producing 7 tracks. The rest of Pink's new tracks still are R&B and dance.

    From an article at "Someone else who Pink felt understood her was Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who met her at a radio station and told her she reminded him of late-'60s blues rocker Janis Joplin. "He just looked straight into my soul and we clicked," she said. They clicked so well that they wound up duetting on a ballad that Pink said sounds like, well, Janis Joplin. "We're harmonizing together, and it was just an experience of a lifetime," she said, adding that she hopes to release the song as a single.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available
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