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The Aerosmith Members Recording Appearances Outside Aerosmith

[ Steven Tyler | Joe Perry | Brad Whitford | Tom Hamilton | Joey Kramer ]
[FORMER MEMBERS: | Jimmy Crespo | Rick Dufay | Ray Tabano ]


Nineteen Ninety Four - "1994"

  • This album was released on A&M Records (A&M 4709, USA LP) in 1978 and includes Brad playing guitar on the song "Helena".
    Brad also filled in on bass duties for 1994 during part of a tour.

    1994 was a group formed by throaty singer Karen Lawrence in 1978, after she left the L.A. Jets. This debut album also includes Jack Douglas as the producer and Jay Messina as the engineer.

    Nineteen Ninety Four's vocalist Karen Lawrence guested on the "Draw The Line" LP, providing backing vocals on the track "Get It Up". During July, 1978, 1994 supported Aerosmith on a series of American dates on the "Draw The Line" tour. In the 1990's, Karen would link up with ex-Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay in a band called Blue By Nature.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Whitford/St. Holmes - "Whitford/St. Holmes"

  • This album was released on Columbia Records in August of 1981 and is Brad's only solo album. Now, Brad plays lead guitar on all the songs and also co-wrote four of the songs with St. Holmes: "Hold On", "Sharpshooter", "Spanish Boy", and "Mystery Girl.". ("Sharpshooter" appears on Pandora's Box)

    Brad Whitford (lead gtr) worked with ex-Ted Nugent man Derek St Holmes (rhy. gtr) as both were inbetween albums during a period of inactivity in 1980. David Krebs got them a record deal with Columbia after a 4 track demo. With Steve Pace and Dave Hewitt, they cut an album's worth of tracks in 2 weeks in Atlanta.

    After a short tour, the project fell apart as St Holmes was tempted back by Nugent and Brad decided not to return to Aerosmith and went on the road with the Joe Perry Project in 1982. Steve Pace joined Krokus in 1982 for one album.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Rex Smith - "Camouflage"

  • This album was released on CBS Records in 1983 and has Brad Whitford guesting on guitar from sessions done in 1982. The last track on side one, "Get It Right" lists Brad as a co-writer.

    Rex Smith came on the scene in 1976 in a band called Rex, who were signed up under Leber and Krebs Management. This was Rex Smith's sixth album and includes a track called "In the Heat of the Night" that was later used as a TV cop series theme tune.


The Neighborhoods - "The Neighborhoods"
a.k.a. "Hoodwinked"

  • This album was released on Third Stone Records in 1990 and includes Brad as the co-producer. Prior to working on the Pump album, Brad took his first professional crack at music production by producing the Boston Power Pop band, The Neighborhoods in February 1989.

    This was their fourth album (first on a major label) and was a collection of previously released tunes (on indie labels) and new tunes. It appears a deal for the release of the album in the UK was secured in 1990, and the album was released on Emergo (EM9462-2 Pinnacle) in November 1990 under the title "Hoodwinked".

    Now, Brad suggested the band to cover his favorite Cheap Trick song "Southern Girls" (from Cheap Trick's "In Color" album) on the album, and the they did. This move landed the band an opening up gig on Cheap Trick's "Lap of Luxury" tour.

    Also, the guitarist of "The Neighborhoods", Dave Minehan, filled in for Brad [he had to fly home to be with his very sick father] when Aerosmith played the Kokusai Koryo Center in Fukuoka, Japan on Wednesday, May 4th, 1994. Brad was absent for 3 dates between May 3-6, 1994.

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