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Format: CD, 13 tracks, 62 min 44 sec
Label: Bondage MusicBON 063

1. No Surprize
2. Unreleased Instrumental Jam
3. Same Old Song And Dance
4. Back In The Saddle
5. Bone To Bone
   (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
6. Big Ten Inch Record
7. Last Child
8. My Fist Your Face
9. She's On Fire
10. Shame On You
11. Mother Popcorn
12. Red House
13. Lightning Strikes

Recorded at:
Studio rehearsals, Seattle, WA, January 13, 1986.

Excellent ! Quite medium sound, but the true fans won't care at all ! This record gives an excellent feelin' of raw Aero Rock N' Roll, as they rehearse before the Done With Mirrors Tour. Excellent versions of No Surprize, Bone To Bone, My Fist Your Face, Shame On You, Lightning Strikes ... with Steven jokin' with his pervert-voice at the end of the disc !

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