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Format: Vinyl - 2LPs, 20 tracks, ?? min ?? sec
Label: A-71116/621

Side 1:
1. Bone to Bone
2. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
3. Big Ten Inch Record
4. Walk This Way
Side 2:
5. Joe Perry Solo
6. Draw The Line
7. Rag Doll
8. Dream On
9. Sweet Emotion
Side 3:
10. Same Old Song And Dance
11. Back In The Saddle
12. My Fist Your Face
13. Last Child
14. No Surprise
15. She's On Fire
Side 4:
16. The Hop
17. Red House
18. Let The Music Do The Talking
19. Toys In The Attic
20. Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
Details sides 1 and 2 at the Civic Centre, Hampton, Virginia on November 16, 1987 and sides 3 and 4 at the Orange Pavilion, San Bernadino, CA on February 1st, 1986.

Excellent: side 1 and 2 (stereo), side 3 and 4 (mono). Side 1 and 2 seem to be a selection of the tracks played at the Hampton concert and includes Bone To Bone which does not appear on any CD equivalent of the concert although the number was a regular in the set before Dude. It lists the source as being Hampton in Vancouver. The San Bernadino concert is a month into their USA Done With Mirrors Tour. Apparently only 300 made (Japanese). Only one of a few recordings to have No Surprise live.

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