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Format: CD, 15 tracks,
Label: ReaLive RLCD39

Bootleg Cover Disc:
1. Same Old Sing & Dance (5:41)
2. Mama Kin (3:58)
3. Medicine Man (3:50)
4. Rag Doll (4:15)
5. Draw the Line (5:41)
6. Dream On (4:49)
7. Love In An Elevator (4:29)
8. Dude (Looks Like a Lady) (4:29)
9. Walk This Way (4:18)
10. Young Lust (4:23)
11. F.I.N.E. (4:30)
12. What It Takes (5:03)
13. The Other Side (5:08)
14. Cryin' (5:36)
15. Janie's Got A Gun (5:28)

The Forest National Theatre, Brussels, Belgium, Oct. 31st, 1993
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA on January 21st, 1990

Excellent stereo recorded bootleg compilation of two shows; Philadelphia from the 21st of January 1990 and Brussells from the 31st of October 1993. Most of the material however is recorded at Philly's Spectrum as several times Steven is heard making comments such as "Hello Philly" or "It's hot at the old Spectrum tonight." What is especially nice about this compilation is the way the songs flow without and fades in the audience. It's almost hard to tell it's not the same concert. Nice 8-page color insert as well. Pressed in Germany.

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