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Format: CD, 16 tracks, ?? min
Label: ???

1. Sweet Emotion
2. Rockin Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
3. Dream On
4. Head First
5. Livin On The Edge
6. Fall Together
7. Don't Stop
8. The Other Side
9. Deuces Are Wild
10. Love Me Like A Bird Dog
11. Trust Is Easy
12. One Time
13. Joe's Funky
14. Wayne's World
15. Janie's Got A Gun
16. Monkey

Recorded at:
Track 1 Remake '91
Track 2 "Less Than Zero" Soundtrack
Track 3 Mtv Music Awards
Track 4 B-Side Of "Eat The Rich"
Track 5 Demo Version
Track 6 B-Side Of "Falling In Love"
Track 7 B-Side Of "Livin On The Edge"
Track 8 Alternate "Club Mix" From US Promo EP
Track 9 "Beavis & Butthead" Soundtrack
Tracks 10-13 Aborted Rick Rubin Lp Sessions '87
Tracks 14-16 Saturday Night Live 2/17/90)


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