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Format: CD, 15 tracks, 72 min 34 sec
Label: Bondage Music BON 026

1. Back In The Saddle
2. Same Old Song And Dance
3. My Fist Your Face
4. Last Child
5. No Surprize
6. Shela
7. She's On Fire
8. The Hop
9. Walk This Way
10. Let The Music Do The Talking
11. Dream On
12. Toys In The Attic
13. Bolivian Ragamuffin
14. Bitch's Brew
15. Jailbait

Recorded at:
Tracks 1~12: The Centrum, Worcester, MA, March 12, 1986.
Tracks 13~15: Demo versions.

The Centrum concert was a Westwood One FM broadcast so quality is superb stereo. Let The Music Do The Talking from this showis the one onthe Classics Live II! album. She's On Fire, The Hop, and My Fist Your Face are on the B-side of the Darkness 12 inch single. (U.S. Geffen 20801-0 A)
Demo versions are excellent sound quality tracks recorded at Criteria Studios, Miami in Sept 82 and can also be found on Pure Gold .999.

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