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Format: CDR, 13 tracks, Total Time 61:31
Label: Run Of The Mill Records (RM120)

front cover

back cover Disc:
1. Train Kept a Rollin'
2. Cryin'
3. Stop Messin'
4. Livin' On The Edge
5. Walk This Way
6. Hangman's Jury
7. Big Ten Inch Record
8. Dream On
9. Train Kept a Rollin'
10. Walkin' the Dog
11. Jaded (Acoustic Mix)
12. Amazing (Acoustic Mix)
13. Crazy (Acoustic Mix)

1-5: Cadena 40 Principale Studios, Madrid, Spain, June 9, 1994.
6-10: Ed Sullivan Studios, August 11, 1990 for MTV Unplugged.
11-13: b-sides taken off of various singles

Basically a compilation of songs from two different acoustic sets. The bonus tracks are all acoustic mix b-sides taken off of various singles. Sound quality of this disc is good overall, but the last three tracks are a bit louder on the disc than the rest of the tracks. All these tracks have been released before on various bootlegs but the first five tracks are less common than tracks 6-10. The first five tracks were first released on Basico (GEFD24555), a promo CD that was released in Spain together with the very first edition of "Big Ones". Also must add that despite there being a label listed, I doubt that this label actually exists or that this disc has been mass produced. Most likely a CDR that is being sold and traded by fans.

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