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Format: CD, 13 tracks, ~72 min
Label: Scorpio 091-008

Bootleg Cover Disc:
1. Young Lust
2. F.I.N.E
3. Monkey On My Back
4. Janie's Got A Gun
5. Rag Doll
6. Voodoo Medicine Man
7. Love In An Elevator
8. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
9. Sweet Emotion
10. Toys In The Attic
11. Dream On
12. Train Kept A Rollin'
13. Walk This Way / Interview with Jimmy Page

Recorded at:
Monsters of Rock Festival, Castle Donnington, England, August 19, 1990.

Excellent stereo. Originally aired as a Radio FM broadcast although this recording says it is from the soundboard. Jimmy Page guests with band on Train' and Walk This Way. Short set as Aerosmith were 'Special Guests' to Whitesnake, who were the headliners. It's also Castle Donington, rather than Castle Donnington as the CD has it. On the BBC Radio 1 broadcast there was no fade out between Young Lust and F.I.N.E. Japanese Origin.

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