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Format: Vinyl, 10 tracks, ~54 min. CD, 14 tracks, 72 min 41 sec
Label: Flashback FB 0141-33 (Vinyl); FLASH 03.91.0141 (CD)

Bootleg Cover Disc:
1. Same Old Song And Dance
2. F.I.N.E.
3. Monkey On My Back
4. Permanent Vacation
5. Janie's Got A Gun
6. Mama Kin
7. Voodoo Medicine Man
8. Red House
9. Rag Doll
10. Draw The Line
11. Dream On (CD)
12. Love In An Elevator (CD)
13. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (CD)
14. Sweet Emotion (CD)

Recorded at:
Details as being California, Spring 90.
It is The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, January 19, 1990.

Westwood One FM Broadcast. Excellent sound. Last number from concert, Walk This Way omitted due to insufficient space on a single CD (details as being 77:02 in length). Vinyl version contains only 10 tracks from Same Old Song And Dance to Draw The Line. Track listings detail tracks as Monkey, Voodoo and Sweet Emotions

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