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Format: CD, 15 tracks, ~73 min
Label: Polyphonia Discs

Bootleg Cover Disc:
1. Livin' On The Edge (acoustic)
2. Don't Stop
3. Can't Stop Messin'
4. Head First
5. Amazing (orchestral version)
6. Line Up (smoky bar-mix)
7. Crazy (acoustic version)
8. Blind Man (harder-mix)
9. Livin' On The Edge (demo)
10. Amazing (acoustic version)
11. Line Up (butcher bros.-mix)
12. Crazy (orchestral version)
13. Blind Man
14. Deuces Are Wild
15. Shut Up And Dance (live version)

1-7, 9-12: A&M Studios Jan-Feb 92 and Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver Sep-Nov 92;
8 & 13: Power Station NY, April 94 and Capri, Italy, June 94;
14: Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver, May 89;
15: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, August 1, 1993.

A compilation of mainly additional tracks found on various Get A Grip CD single releases throughout the World. On the whole, the majority are special or re-mixed versions of tracks from the Get A Grip album with some out-takes from the GAG and Pump sessions. Can't Stop Messin' is found on a number of world-wide GAG releases. Blind Man and Deuces are Wild are also found on the official Big Ones album and the live Shut Up And Dance version on the Wayne's World II Soundtrack. Australian origin.

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