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Format: CD, 9 songs 1 track, 45 min 59 sec
Label: MONGOOSE RECORDS MONG CD015, 1991 = cover photo
Label: Great Dane Records GDR CD 9025

Bootleg Cover Disc:
1. One Way Street
2. Somebody
3. Write Me
4. I Ain't Got You
5. Mother Popcorn
6. Movin' Out
7. Walkin' The Dog
8. Train Kept A Rollin'
9. Mama Kin

Recorded at:
Details as being Boston, March 23, 1973
but source is Pall's Mall, Boston, April 23, 1973

Excellent Stereo rough sound from original WBCN-FM broadcast. One of the earliest known concert recordings of the band playing all but two of the tracks (Make It, Dream On) from their debut LP which was released at the start of 1973. The influences of the band are plain to see from the various covers played with an early rendition of Train which would appear on their next album a year later. I Ain't Got You and Mother Popcorn taken from this concert were later to appear on their official Live! Bootleg release. But Mother Popcorn on Live Bootleg was an edited version. Except Mongoose CD is 9 songs in one CD track

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