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Format: CD, 15 tracks, 70 min 28 sec
Label: AEROPR-001

Bootleg Cover

1. Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)-Radio Mix
2. Blind Man-Harder Mix
3. Blind Man-Softer Mix
4. Livin' on the Edge-CHR Mix Edit #1
5. Livin' on the Edge-CHR Mix Edit #2
6. Crazy-Orchestral Mix
7. Crazy-Acoustic Mix
8. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)-Urban Dude Mix
9. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)-Dude This Way
10. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)-Extended Rockin' Dude Mix
11. Dude (Looks Like a Lady)-Rockin' Dude Mix Edit
12. Love in an Elevator-Elevator Mix
13. Love in an Elevator-CHR Edit
14. Love in an Elevator-Elevator Mix Edit
15. Rag Doll-Remix/Edit

Recorded at:

A CD with promo and single B-side song remixes and edits.
Most of the tracks, except the two versions of Crazy, are not very different from the original versions. On some the only difference is that it's shortened, by taking out solos and such, to be easier to play on radio. Others has a little different sound but nothing really special.

The cover of In The Mixxx is the guys sitting around on the floor with everyone but Joe looking at the camera. A wings logo rotated -45 degrees in the bottom-left corner. The title is written underneath.

Apparently this bootleg is also available with a different cover than the one pictured above. Kevin Kenemore (thanks, man!) e-mailed me, telling me about his copy which on the front cover has a picture from the Permanent Vacation era with the whole band and Steven in the middle blowing a bubble out of gum with extra ripped blue jeans. It is a black and white photo. Then the back cover has a cartoon cover of the band.

Track 1, being a radio edit, is exactly like the lp version with the exception of the one vulgar word which was distorted.
Tracks 2 & 3 are fairly trashy too in as much as they could be done by messing with the graphic equalizer on my stereo.
4 & 5 are simply edits (one is lacking a guitar solo, the other, I'm not sure about).
6 & 7, I would imagine everyone has heard before so no criticism is necessary.
8 - 11 are some of the hardest to find on CD.
8 has an incredibly original sound (I commend whoever the mixer was).
9 & 10 are very original as well, but are available on the official Japanese EP, Vacation Club.
I think of 11 as fairly lame since I sense no difference from the lp version other than the fact that it is shorter. Please let me know if you know any further difference. It seems to be nothing more than an average edit.
12 is another of their greater remixes. It can be clearly heard in this remix that Steven says, "Fred Astaire", during the chorus. It can hardly be compared to the original though.
13 is simply an edit of the lp version (all traces of the intro, Going Down, were edited out).
14 is a shortened version of 12.
And, finally, 15 appears to be just a big fat lie. I've never heard of it before. It sounds almost exactly like the original. And, it's roughly the same duration.

On the surface of the disc is written, "AEROPR-001 -- NOT FOR SALE -- FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY -- IN THE MIX (spelled with one X here only) --VOLUME ONE".

Big thanks to Jonah DeFantasia for all the information above on this bootleg!
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