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Format: CDR, 13 tracks, ?? min

Bootleg artwork Disc:
1. Beyond Beautiful (5:17)
2. Love in An Elevator (5:49)
3. Jaded (3:35)
4. Just Push Play (4:10)
5. Big Ten Inch Record (4:58)
6. Pink (4:25)
7. Mama Kin (5:02)
8. Dream On (4:53)
9. Rats in the Cellar (11:06)
10. Back in the Saddle (5:02)
11. Walk This Way (6:05)
12. Uncle Salty (2:16)
13. Sweet Emotion (5:55)

Live at Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, June 14, 2001.

Great soundboard recording from a show not part of the ongoing "Just Push Play" tour! An excellent performance as well; Aerosmith were tight this night. This single disc bootleg might or might not contain the entire show, their set may have been shorter than on the regular tour shows. Good to see that Aerosmith are resurrecting classics like "Rats in the Cellar" and "Uncle Salty," even though "Uncle Salty" is only partially played. This track sounds like it may have just been an off-the-cuff performance. Excellent extended version of "Rats in the Cellar." Not sure if this disc has been mass produced or not but I have seen it for sale on eBay several times with the exact same cover art and track listing.

SAP's Sapphire conference was held at Orange County Convention Center from June 12-15 and scheduled the Aerosmith concert to happen on June 14th. About 7,000 people attended the concert. This was Aerosmith's first ever private corporate show- and a very expensive one: It costed Sapphire Technologies $1,000,000!
It is very, very rare to find a soundboard recording (not broadcasted shows), and I believe the only other soundboard recording since the 80's is from Chicago 94'! The show itself is spectacular, great versions of all songs, especially the 11 min version of Rats In The Cellar! Add this to the perfect sound, and this is one of the best boots in my collection!

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