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Format: CDR, 18 tracks, 73 min 8 seconds
Label: Working Man/WM005

Bootleg Cover
1. Rats in the Cellar (3:39)
2. I Wanna Know Why (3:00)
3. Big 10" Record (3:36)
4. Walk This Way (4:01)
5. Sight for Sore Eyes (3:10)
6. Seasons of Wither (5:03)
7. Sweet Emotion (4:50)
8. Lord of the Thighs (7:00)
9. Dream On (4:28)
10. Chip Away at the Stone (3:51)
11. Get the Lead Out (3:45)
12. Get It Up (4:14)
13. Draw the Line (4:06)
14. No More No More (3:39)
15. Same Old Song & Dance (1:55)
16. Toys in the Attic (4:59)
17. Milk Cow Blues (5:47)
18. Train Kept A Rollin' (1:52)

Listed as: 'the Aragon, Chicago, IL 3/23/78'. (wrong venue)
Is: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, March 23, 1978

Excellent show from a vintage era of Aerosmith. This particular show was originally a radio broadcast but does not have a high quality sound. (Rated a B at best.) It's not unlistenable but it takes a song or two to get use to the muddy mix.
Tyler's vocals standout as does Brad Whitford's guitar, but Joe Perry's guitar is far out of the mix, which unfortunately leaves many of the leads out. Still, it's Tyler's charisma, and the band's overall live energy that carries the show. Surprisingly, the music is tight for a band that was at the height of the excesses of drug and alcohol abuse. There are a few drop outs here and there, which makes me think the original source of this disc was a crappy tape.
Two songs, "Same old Song & Dance" and "Train Kept A Rollin'" have been cut, although the bass solo is in tact for the mid-section of "Same Old Song & Dance." The cover is printed with black ink on yellow stock and takes symbols from "Permanent Vacation," an album that came out some ten years after this was recorded. As with every Working Man release I have seen, this disc was mass produced but on blue discs (CDR) as opposed to silver discs.

This same show also appears on "Kings Chronicle" (disc one), only with a better recording and without the edits and drop outs.

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