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Format: 2CD, 20 tracks, ?? min
Label: Cuttle

Disc 1:
1. Intro-Eat The Rich
2. Toys In The Attic
3. Get A Grip
4. Fever
5. Flesh
6. Amazing
7. Cryin'
8. Crazy
9. Boogie Man
10. 1st Guitar Solo
11. Shut Up And Dance (including drum solo)

Disc 2:
1. Stop Messin' Around
2. Walk On Down
3. Janie's Got A Gun
4. Love In An Elevator
5. 2nd guitar solo-Dazed and Confused-Peter Gunn
6. Sweet Emotion
7. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) / Dream On
8. Livin' On The Edge
9. Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Stadion de Goffert, Nijmegen, Holland, June 22, 1994.

Excellent Stereo. Strangely Mama Kin omitted from the recording (after Amazing - poor edit). One of few rare occasions where Flesh and Fever were played in the same set. This concert was probably one of the most dominated with GAG numbers (a majority of it on Disc 1) and apparently the live outdoor debut of Crazy. A majority of Sweet Emotion is cut and commences from the start of the guitar solo onwards. Dude and Dream On are listed together as one track. On the back, Shut Up and Dance was mistitled as "Shout" Up and Dance. "Stadion de Goffert" listed as "Goffert Stadion".

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