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Format: Vinyl, 7 tracks, 33 min 45 sec
Label: ZAP 7868 and Fantasy Disco F7868 (reissue)

Bootleg Cover Side 1:
1. S.O.S. (Too Bad)
2. Somebody
3. Dream On
4. Write Me A Letter

Side 2:
1. Walk This Way
2. Train Kept A Rollin'
3. Toys In The Attic

Recorded at:
Shaeffer Music Festival, Central Park NY, August 29, 1975.

Excellent stereo. The concert is a A King Biscuit Flour Hour FM Broadcast and one of a number of bootlegs containing a different selection of tracks. It has an excellent raw sound with numbers from their new Toys in the Attic album.
Walk This Way is listed as Walkin' The Dog on both issues.

The picture above is the reverse side (back) of the Album cover I believe. On the front side there is a Black/White photo of Steven Tyler holding one finger in his left ear, and in his right hand he holds the mike jammin!
The record is completely black vinyl, black label with "Berkeley Records" (top of label), "1975" stamped on right side, and "stero" on left side.
Small lettering around label: "all rights of the manufactures and the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited".
Written at the Bottom of the back of the album cover: "Produced by Luis Martinez, Fantasy Disco, 12 Calle 3-21 zone 1, Guatemala City"

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