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Format: CD, 9 tracks, 43 min 45 sec
Label: Mongoose Records CD003

Bootleg Cover Disc:
1. Write Me
2. S.O.S (Too Bad)
3. Lord Of The Thighs
4. Dream On
5. Same Old Song And Dance
6. Woman Of The World
7. Train Kept A Rollin'
8. Walkin' The Dog

Recorded at:
My Father's Place, Long Island, New York, July 2, 1974 with apparently the exception of Train Kept a Rollin' which was recorded at Agora Ballroom, Chicago, March 23, 1978.

Excellent mono FM recording from Get Your Wings tour concert. Same as Live Bootleg Vol.2.

Live Bootleg Vol 2 apparently includes Walk This Way, from Chicago 1978. This would make sense as WTW hadn't been written (let alone performed) by July 1974 - even if it is an odd track to use as a filler.
However, My Father's Place doesn't include WTW, but instead it is claimed that Train Kept A Rollin - which WAS in the Long Island set - was taken from Chicago 1978. It seems strange to substitute one version of Train for another from four years later - is this a mistake?

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