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Format: CD/CDR 2-discs, 24 tracks
Total Time Disc One 63 minutes 50 seconds
Total Time Disc Two 64 minutes 26 seconds
Label: LBM

Bootleg Cover
Disc 1:
1. Intro (2:39)
2. Eat the Rich (4:16)
3. Falling in Love (Is Hard...) (3:21)
4. Same Old Song and Dance (5:30)
5. Love in an Elevator (5:30)
6. Livin' on the Edge (5:06)
7. Rag Doll (4:31)
8. Dream On (4:49)
9. Janie's Got A Gun (5:02)
10. One Way Street (6:53)
11. Pink (5:12)
12. Let the Music Do the Talking (4:57)
13. Stop Messing Around (5:58)

Disc 2:
14. Mother Popcorn/Walk This Way /IDWTMAT/Cryin' (18:37)
15. I Don't Want to Miss A Thing (4:53)
16. Cryin' (4:59)
17. Dude Looks Like A Lady (4:35)
18. Chip Away At the Stone (4:34)
19. Mama Kin (4:04)
20. Train Kept A Rollin' (2:23)
21. New Year Countdown (3:20)
22. Full Circle (7:15)
23. Happy Birthday/Sweet Emotion (4:24)
24. Heartbreaker (5:17)

Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan 12-31-99

This two disc set was a bit of a disappointment for me as I was led to believe it was a "real" cd, as opposed to a cdr with a color printout cover. Unfortunately, that is what it is. If a mass produced cd exists of this show, I have yet to see one.

The music on the other hand is outstanding. The sound quality is excellent (A+) being taken directly from the soundboard from this special holiday concert. I've heard officially released albums that don't sound this good. The show is pretty much uninterrupted with the exception of some of the crowd noise being cut from between "Dream On" and "Janie's Got A Gun." "Train Kept A Rollin'" is also interrupted but only because the band stopped for the New Year countdown. Mr. Tyler offers up a new age prayer to the "one god of all religions" during the festivities with a Japanese interpreter echoing his words. Nice to hear "Let the Music Do the Talking." I can't remember them performing this song on the "Nine Lives" tour, but I am sure glad they have resurrected this great song. There are two stellar medleys on this disc as well, Sweet Emotion with Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" and "Walk this Way" with James Brown's "Mother Popcorn." "Mother Popcorn" is not listed on the track listing. Of course what Aerosmith New Years Eve concert would be complete without Tyler and the crowd singing "Happy Birthday" to Tom Hamilton.

As usual with bootlegs, there is usually something wrong with the track listing and "New Years Eve 1999" is no exception. Disc two/track one, which is suppose to only be "Mother Popcorn/Walk This Way," also has the next two songs tacked onto the same track. Track two and three are correctly listed but are repeats of the songs that were incorrectly tacked onto track one. Also "Full Circle" is incorrectly listed as "Time" on the back cover.

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