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Format: CD, 11 tracks, 49 min 30 sec
Label: OHBOY 1-9078, 1992

Bootleg Cover Disc:
1. Back In The Saddle
2. Big Ten Inch Record
3. Three Mile Smile
4. Reefer Head Woman
5. Dream On
6. Lick And Promise
7. Walk This Way
8. Milk Cow Blues
9. Rats In The Cellar
10. Toys In The Attic
11. Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
Stage West, Hartford, CT on June 12, 1980.

Excellent stereo from a KBFH FM broadcast. From the A Right in The Nuts tour (as it was called). One of a few recordings with Jimmy Crespo on guitar for the departed Perry.

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