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Format: Vinyl/CD, 10 tracks, ~55 min
Label: AS 1974 and LXXXIV series #18, Ruthless Rhymes \251

Bootleg Cover
Side 1:
1. Make it
2. Somebody
3. Write Me
4. Dream On
5. One Way Street
6. Walkin' the Dog
Side 2:
1. Pandora's Box
2. Rattlesnake Shake
3. Train Kept a Rollin'
4. Mama Kin

Recorded at:
Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH 10/10/73 (CD version Credit)
Also known as: Counterpart Studios, New York, 1974

Very good stereo. The recording questions information detailed in the Pandora's Box booklet, which carries Walkin' The Dog and Rattlesnake Shake from this set, and says it is from 1971. It also details that it was broadcast live by WKRQ, Cincinnati and produced by Aerosmith.. The recording is probably late '73 as it carries Pandora's Box which wasn't recorded in the studio until December 1973/January 1974. It does bring into question whether this is recorded in studios at New York given there is an audience.
Some reports quote it being done in Ohio, probably Cincinnati. Tyler also says on introducing Pandora's Box, "we'd like to play a boogie from our new album, entitled, Night in the Ruts" which was the title Get Your Wings initially went under. This version of the song carries different lyrics.
Rare live version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Rattlesnake Shake', a forerunner of 'Rats in the Cellar'.
Reissued as 'Rattlesnake Shake' LXXXIV No 18; on violet vinyl with approximately 100 numbered copies. To confuse issues further, the Ruthless Rhymes release seems to originate from Germany and carries the date (P) 1971 which is hard to swallow since the session comprises of all the Aerosmith LP's tracks apart from Movin' Out and this was the first track the band apparently wrote.

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