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Format: 2 CD, 31 tracks, ?? min
Label: CRP 164 (1997)

Disc 1:
1. Fallin´ In Love
2. Pink
3. Bacon Bisquit Blues
4. The Farm
5. Fallin´ In Love (Mix 2)
6. Nine Lives (Meow Mix)
7. Fall Together
8. Pink (mix 2)
9. Pink (Mix 3)
10. Fallin´ In Love (Glenn Mix)
11. Fall Together (First Mix)
12. What Kind Of Love (Basic)
13. Trouble (Demo)
14. The Farm (Alt. Lyrics & Mix)
15. Fallin´ In Love (demo)

Disc 2:
1. Kiss Your Past Good Bye
2. Falling Off (Sings Steven)
3. Falling Off (Sings Joe, Alternate Mix)
4. Nine Lives - Live For Ten (First version)
5. When The Sun Never Shines (Demo)
6. I´m A Man (demo)
7. Kiss Your Past Good Bye (Mix 2)
8. What Kind Of Love (Mix 2)
9. Full Circle
10. Full Circle (Acoustic)
11. Hole In My Soul (Mix 2)
12. Taste Of India (Hot Mix)
13. Bacon Bisquit Blues (Demo)
14. Extended Jammin´
15. When The Sun Never Shines
16. Any Cat Man do When It´s Done (demo)

Recorded at:
The Studio versions & Alternate mixes where recorded at Criteria Studios, Miami, FL In May, 1996. It´s unknow where the demos were recorded, but the date is beetween August and November 1995 and January and April 1996.

The song "Any cat man do when it´s done" is the very, very first version of "Taste Of India". In "Extended Jam" threre´s a part that could be a first version of "Attitude Adjustment"

This Bootleg Is From Brazil. There Are only 100 in the whole world. The studio versions are a lot diferent with the studio version of the CD "Nine Lives", that was recorded at New York With other producer.

This Record Company also has two other outtakes Bootlegs: "Pumpin´ My Trash" & "Aerosmith Sessions (1991-92 & 1994)". (I personally doubt that these three even exist though, no one seems to have them anyway)

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