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Format: Vinyl - 2LP, 20 tracks, ?? min
Label: Pharting Pharaoh Records 13157

Side 1:
1. Back in The Saddle
2. Rats in The Cellar
3. Big Ten Inch Record
4. My Fist Your Face
5. Last Child
Side 2:
1. Three Mile Smile
2. Red House
  3. Lord Of The Thighs
  4. Mama Kin
 . Draw The Line
5. Sweet Emotion
Side 3:
1. Guitar improvisation
2. Walk This Way
3. Let The Music Do The Talkin'
4. Drum Solo
5. Toys In The Attic
Side 4:
1. Honky Tonk Woman
2. Dream On
3. All Your Love
4. Stone Cold Blues
5. Train Kept A Rollin'

Recorded at:
Details as being San Francisco, January 24 1986 but suspect it is from Syracuse Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY, August 25, 1986 (set list tends to confirm thistime frame as very similar to Foxboro concert on August 31, 1986).

Good to Very Good Stereo recording at the end of their Done With Mirrors Tour that includes few tracks from that album and draws of majority of the set from Toys and Rocks..

Lord of The Thighs and Mama Kin are not in the setlist, despite the track-listing on the record sleeve. In their place is Draw The Line.

It includes a rare early cover of The Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Woman" aswell as 3 other non-album cover songs... Jimi Hendrix' "Red House" and a song that I do not know who the original artist is (Please E-mail me if you know), "Stone Cold Blues". "All Your Love" is listed as "Your Lover Needs Lovin'"

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