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Format: 2 CD, 18 tracks, ~ 94 min
            Disc 1: 49:56 / Disc 2: 43:50
Label: 'Kiss The Stone KTS 292/293

Bootleg Cover Disc 1:
1. Young Lust
2. Rag Doll
3. What It Takes
4. Fever
5. Monkey On My Back
6. Amazing
7. The Other Side
8. Cryin'
9. Shut Up And Dance - Drum Solo

Disc 2:
1. Walk On Down
2. Mama Kin
3. Janie's Got A Gun
4. Love In An Elevator
5. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
6. Sweet Emotion
7. Dream On
8. Livin' On The Edge
9. Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Hollywood Rock Concert, Apoteose Square, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on January 21, 1994.

Excellent stereo but there seems some editing of the inter track breaks. Eat The Rich was the opening number but not present on this recording. A number of Pump numbers were added for this, their first South American Tour on their World-wide Get A Grip tour. Nice sleeve and picture discs ...

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