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Format: 2CD, 19 tracks, ~ 115 min (Disc 1:, Disc 2: 54:49)
Label: AE-004

Bootleg Cover Disc 1:
1. Intro/ Eat The Rich
2. Toys In The Attic
3. Fever
4. Same Old Song And Dance
5. What It Takes
6. Mama Kin
7. Rag Doll
8. Monkey On My Back
9. Cryin'
10. Draw The Line

Disc 2:
1. Stop Messin' Around
2. Walk On Down
3. Janie's Got A Gun
4. Love In An Elevator
5. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
6. Sweet Emotion
7. Dream On
8. Livin' On The Edge
9. Walk This Way

Recorded at:
Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan, on May 6, 1994.

Very good to excellent recording. Brad Whitford does not perform with the band for this concert. It is understood he returned to USA due to illness of his father. David Minehan (ex-Neighborhoods) stood in for Brad for at this concert . Brad had produced the 1st album by Boston power pop combo, Neighborhoods in 1989. The recording comes with the full Yeatsie Girls' You Suck at the start.

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